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The Legal Services Office can review documents, draft documents and provide legal advice to staff on work-related matters.

Other issues

Where your enquiry relates to an area in which you are not employed, contact the nominated person or group as outlined below:

The Legal Services Office cannot provide legal advice to students, or personal legal advice to staff.

Limits on engaging external solicitors directly

Faculties cannot engage solicitors directly for various reasons including cost control. All instructions to external solicitors must go through the Legal Services Office.

Charges for legal services

The Legal Services Office does not charge for its services, but in some cases involving joint ventures where the University acts as managing agent for the venture, it recovers administrative expenses.

Subpoenas and witness summonses

You may be approached to accept service of a subpoena or witness summonses relating to University affairs.

The subpoena or witness summons may require University staff to appear as witnesses or to provide documents in court cases.

Subpoenas and witness summons should be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor or the Registrar and served on either of them, or the University Solicitor .

Subpoenas and witness summons are usually delivered in person and you may be asked to sign for the document. This is only a receipt and does not, of itself, mean you have to go to court. You must pass the document immediately to one of the above officers.